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About Us

Main business of JMTIA

  1. Promote the business of importing the MACHINE TOOLS to Japan.
  2. Execute various events in the common interests of JMTIA members.
  3. Deal with Japanese Government bodies, as a trade association of this sector, to promote the import business by proposing proper measures and legislation.
  4. Participate in various exhibitions, including JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair), sponsored or organized by JMTIA. A reasonable booth rate shall be applicable to the regular members.
  5. Dispatch the import promotion missions to various exhibitions in overseas. Useful information can be obtained from overseas builders’ associations, with which JMTIA keeps good relationships.
  6. Foster sales collaboration among JMTIA members to develop new sales routes and to increase the range of distribution lines.
  7. Introduce information about JMTIA members to mass media, such as newspapers and magazines.
  8. Arrange group participation in product liability insurance for better and quicker service from insurance company including a reasonable premium and free advice on sales documents.
  9. Provide opportunities for members to participate in functions/seminars, to obtain various information on the technical development of MACHINE TOOLS.
  10. Consult with members about maintenance services to customers to upgrade the level of the maintenance service by using engineering companies in the association. Set up a JMTIA-approved standard rate for repair/maintenance service, which is acceptable by the users of imported MACHINE TOOLS.
  11. Provide the members with various information on the market of MACHINE TOOLS through the communication with other allied associations both in Japan and overseas.
  12. Release the members’ news to overseas suppliers so that they may choose a right importer.
  13. Provide JMTIA newsletter, membership list, overseas market/technical information, import statistics, tariff etc. at free of charge.
  14. Maintain and update JMTIA’s home page, linked to the each member’s web site, which contains members’ list, distribution items and import statistics.
  15. Organize a party to exchange information each other, to discuss import strategy, to promote friendship with other fellow members and to talk with JMTIA office staff.
  16. Any other necessary activities to accomplish the objects of the association.