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About Us


Japan Machine Tool Importers’ Association (JMTIA) has significantly contributed to the development and promotion of Japan’s modernization and industrialization through the import of machine tools from the rest of the world for more than 60 years since its foundation in 1955, as a non-profit-organisation.

In the age of rapid technological innovation, it is increasingly important to provide customers with state-of-the-art machine tools, based on the right information collected globally – to their satisfaction.
We do believe it is our mission.
We will continue to support the manufacturing by the Japanese people in the globalized business environment as a unique and indispensable entity.

We are determined to promote the business of importing machine tools to Japan, to serve the common interests of the members, and to contribute to the Japanese industry and economy.

We thank you very much for your support and cooperation.

Japan Machine Tool Importers' Association
     Takao Nakagawa, Chairman