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Precision Machine Tools (All Blands Machines)
Mainitenance, Engineering ,Repair Service and Robot System Integration

Overhauil section
・ Overhaul ( Full Overhaul / Part Overhaul / Precision Renewal / Precision Restoration )
・ Adjustment ( Spindle / Ball Screws / Gibs / Slides / Sliding Surface )
・ Repair ( Galling / Bearings / Oil Leak )
・ Remodelling ( Tooling / ATC / Scales / Hydraulical / Pneumatical )
・ Designing, Manufacturing and Remodelling the Special Purpose Machine
・ Designing, Manufacturing and Remodelling the Jigs of Machine Tools

Retrofit section
・ Retrofit ( CNC Control Units Retrofits and Replacement )
・ Remodelling ( Servo Motor / PLC / Invertor / ladder )
・ Designing, Manufacturing and Remodelling of All Computer Software

Refurbishment section
・ Used machine tools completely overhauled and sold
・ Used machine tools partially overhauled and sold

Robot Engineering section
・ Designing, Manufacturing Remodelling and Teaching Robot Systems for Industry
・ Designing and Manufacturing Automatic Measurement Systems for Industry

Maker Maintenance section(Transfer of Maintenance duties)
・ SHOUN Precision Lathe Machine (HB-500/HB-575/HB-725/ST-5/ST-7)
・ Mitsubishi CNC Lathe (MALC Series)
・ Mitsubishi High Speed Lathe (HL300/HL500)
・ Mitsubishi Oerlikon High Speed Lathe(DMB/DMC/DMO/DEB/DEC/DEO)
・ Moore Tool Company Precision Jig Grinder
  (G-18/G-18 S1000/G-18CP/G-48/450CP/1200CP)

・ On-site Repair, On-site Calibrations
・ Precision Measurement, Precision Adjustment, Periodic Maintenance
  ( Laser / Autocollimators )
・ Transfer of Facilities of Factory Equipment, Modification and Consulting of Layout
・ Produce and Process the Precision Machine Parts
・ Used Machinery Inspection,Repair and Sales

Brand name Maker Product name Country
SHOUN SHOUN Precision Lathe (HB-500/HB-575/HB-725/ST-5/ST-7) Japan
SHOUN CAZENEUVE SHOUN CAZENEUVE Precision Lathe (HB-500/HB-575/HB-725) Japan
MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. CNC Lathe (MALC Series) Japan
MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. High Speed Lathe (HL300/HL500) Japan
MITSUBISHI Oerlikon Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Oerlikon High Speed Lathe (DMB/DMC/DMO/DEB/DEC/DEO) Japan
MOORE Moore Tool Company JIG Grinder(G-18/G-18 S1000/G-18CP/G-48/450CP/1200CP) U.S.A.
STUDER Fritz Studer AG Cylindrical Grinding Machine Switzerland